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  • Raisa / Guerlain / Lily C career

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    Ok, I had no idea that this girl has so many fans, so instead of continuing the debate about her career on her page, I think it would be better do it here, so I'm going to repeat / clarify what I and other members said there:

    -pimp (2012-07-17):she isn't from Russia but from Ukraine, only russian girls make porn, soft, DP, BJ, solo everything!!!They are the best in this industry

    -willy_93 (2012-08-01):to Pimp : two things: first, I also found her modeling work only (nude most, some artistic too) and nothing else, but she's the main character on a video on youtube named "nomad" and there's a comment from someone who says she's a famous porn star in Kiev and her real name is "Anastasia Panteleyev". But again, I haven't found anything like that yet, so I don't know what to think about that.

    -VilleHaapasalo (2012-08-02):She is not a porn star! Do not believe these stupid jealous comments on youtube

    -Caeder (2012-08-02):Willy, thanks for the ‘Nomad’ link. I think Anastasia is shortened to ‘Nastya’ sometimes ? As ‘Nastya Panteleeva’, Raisa is on the books of 2 more model agencies - anyone who thinks she has a hidden life as a hardcore porn girl - I’ve never seen this girl do anything other than nude. She’s been with ‘Diesel’ for nearly a year, most of the output from those sites (Wow, YLP and 18 Only) is harder - from masturbation to anal. I think if she was going to do anything more, she would have done it by now. Not that I think she would, or will in the future. I think she’s gorgeous and full of life. It comes across in her photo’s and vids.


    -Caeder (2012-08-07):Andre - She is Czech ? Prove it.She is slut ? Prove it.Please post links on here to prove what you say. Otherwise, we just laugh at your jokes.

    Ok, now we can share our thoughts about her here, but let me be clear on one thing: I just asked the question about her career, because of the comments on the video "Nomad", because I've never found anything like that, only the sets shown in her page, and also, if that story were true, she's free to do whatever he wants with her life and that will not change the fact that she's one of the most beautiful women that we're going to see in our lives without any kind of doubts. Some data:

    Artistic Nude Model = Raisa, Anastasia, Anat, Dominika, Guerlain, Lily C, Natalia E, Violetta

    Regular Model = Anastasia, Anastasia Sia, Nastya Panteleeva

    Actress = Nomad - Прости
    клевая пародия на клип Nikita-Веревки

    Facebook = Anastasia Sia
    but we've two problems:
    1st-I can't guarantee that link as her official facebook, so I'm not sure
    2nd-she doesn't add new friends, nor respond any messages
    ((of course you're free to try anyway, but then you must tell us the results))
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    I knew I shouldn't have risen to Andre's bait. Ha Ha ! (BTW there's still a pretty nasty comment left on this guy's post on Raisa's comments page - is it possible to remove it, or would that inflame the situation even more ?)

    Anyway - I'm in no doubt she is just a soft-core nude / fashion model. I am copying the comments on YouTube about her being in 'porn' - they show that the person making them was only able to refer to the soft-core work she has done and that we already know about: -

    And she starred in porn under the aliases: "Raisa", "Anastasia", "Anat", "Dominika", "Guerlain", "Lily C", "Natalia E", "Violetta", etc.
    Some of these sites - do not let users of the CIS, but all the same "free-work" with these sites can be found at other Russian sites! Google to help
    girl who starred in this clip, name - Anastasia Panteleyev. She is from Kiev, and it is a porn actress. She has a lot of porn robot!
    Of course, it is about hiding - but despite this, it is still a lot of "porn work" can be easily found on the internet
    Who does not believe he can see this on the following website:
    P.S. I would have wrote a link to porn, where she masturbates - but that link does not miss ...
    As can be clearly seen, this person thinks nude modelling is porn. No evidence at all of anything else, except that she seems to be in demand for lots of fashion and nude work.


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      Well, if that "person thinks nude modelling is porn", then he must be more than an expert on the subject, because he gives us the full list of sites where she has modeled so far, a funny guy or a big hypocrite.
      But then it seems that everything depends on the point of view of each one of us and the difference between what is considered "nude art" or just "porn", anyway, as I said before: "she's free to do whatever he wants with her life and that will not change the fact that she's one of the most beautiful women that we're going to see in our lives without any kind of doubts"

      And as for what that guy Andre said in the profile, it's true that those words are rude and perhaps should be removed, but since the web is a free place, I think everyone should be allowed to say whatever they want, except they decide to insult directly another user.


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        Willy-93 - nobody likes it more than me when a beautiful soft-core model decides to do hard-core (but it is much rarer than people think for it to happen.) I was going crazy over internet discussions, about 2-3 years ago, when there was a real possibility that Lorena G was in talks with P. Woodman for a casting. That came to nothing, but it wasn't a figment of my imagination, or an unsubstantiated rumour.

        It wasn't the result of trolling as is the case here with Raisa. There is absolutely no evidence that she has done, or is planning to do anything more than nudes. It really isn't a question of it being about our own points of view about what is and what isn't porn. The intention of the troll's comments are pretty clear - that Raisa does porn. Most, if not everyone on this forum will agree that she isn't a porn star, she's a nude model.

        As for the nasty phrase on Andre's comments - I agree with you that there is far too much censorship against comments that cause offense. My problem with this particular comment is that he is saying that "Raisa hates N****'s." If he said, for instance, that he doesn't like watching interracial sex, than fine, it's his choice. But using her as an excuse to say a racist thing is wrong.


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          Nice thread guys! The post of Andre has now been moderated by removing negative parts.


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            reality checks:

            * * * * * who is who?

            you may believe two women are the same, but you can't ever know unless you are a geneticist with tissue or fluid samples personally taken from both
            if you have a wife or girlfriend, you feel confident that she's not hiding an identical twin.
            and you are probably, but not provably, right

            if you have a favorite nude model or pornstar, likewise, but less assuredly

            you may believe two women are different, but you can't ever know they aren't unless you are the person who photoshopped the one into the other, and/or you also are the aforementioned geneticist
            'shop and more sophisticated tools can turn a 6-1" blond into a 5-4" av idol
            advert agencies do this all the time but usually not to such an extreme extent

            when we make an id on indexxx, what we are really saying is "this seems to be the same woman as that, within all practical bounds
            it is similar everywhere else

            i believe indexxx is correct > 99.9% of the time (by model). that's about as good as it gets.
            ive seen much lesser % accuracy on other id sites

            * * * * * soft v hard

            there is no exact dividing line between softcore and hardcore
            i consider anything with penis or ejaculation in it to be hard.
            but i would not call femjoy's crotch closeups softcore
            likewise itc: never any guys, but softcore? nah
            they are what i call "clinical" porn
            what about lezbo with a double ended dildo?
            it's all porn

            * * * * * career of a model

            i like my fave models to stay softcore, but if they go hardcore, then i still cheer them on because i already have the soft pics i have and i want them to succeed in whatever they do in- or outside of porn.
            i will be distracted from this hypothetical turn of events by the next seetheingly hot teenie who puts a blip on my radar

            * * * * * opinions

            are like assholes; everybody's got one, and it usually stinks
            would you flame somebody because they like chocolate ice cream over vanilla?
            remember, when you post, nobody can hear your tone of voice


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              drdave -

              Who was your post aimed at ?

              The "who is who" paragraph isn't relevant to this discussion about Raisa. No one has submitted images that might or might not be her doing porn.

              "Soft vs hard" - the edge is not precisely defined, but not many people in this age will class Femjoy as porn, or 'clinical'. A naked woman is not porn, a naked woman with her legs spread is erotic, not pornographic. Yes it's all about opinions, but we are on an index site for (mostly) sexy nude women, many of whom do full-on sex acts. We can, and must, be able to differentiate between them. Using the word porn to describe almost all the nude work that this index is showing is overusing, and therefore devaluing, the word and its descriptive power.

              "opinions" - Willy and I were not flaming. Your last comments are misplaced. You are giving your opinions freely, and so can we.


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                my comments were not directed against any individual in this thread
                let me think on it a while for a more cogent response to your last post


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                  okay, i lied. my post was directed at everybody in the world, as an exercise in critical thinking and civility. the critical thinking part was prompted by my own continuing struggle to separate what i think i know from what i know i know. for instance, i think there is a very famous model whose real name is Zuzana Zeleznovova. but i've never seen her birth paper, so i dont really know this is true. and yet still i strongly and irrationally feel that it's true. and, i see throwaway statements presented as fact every day on the various sites i visit.

                  the civility part was entirely prompted by the more negative of the quoted passages near the top of this thread.

                  if anyone should take umbrage at my observations, i apologize.

                  as for my statement "it's all porn," i just couldn't at the moment come up with a better synonym. perhaps "erotica"? there has to exist or be invented a word for any work of art that primarily involves nudity of either gender. i'm open to suggestion.

                  Have you ever seen this quote? i believe it is attributed to a u.s. supreme court justice: "I can't define pornography, but I know it when I see it."


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                    Have you ever seen this quote? i believe it is attributed to a u.s. supreme court justice: "I can't define pornography, but I know it when I see it."
                    Drdave - Pornography used to be defined, for mostly legal reasons, as sexually-based material that would likely corrupt or debase. Unfortunately that allowed people in positions of authority (like the good judge here) to 'protect' society and individuals from their own wickedness. I do prefer 'erotica' for nude work, because I find it disturbing that anyone, especially someone as powerful as a judge, should be able to punish someone for showing, or looking at, a nude human being by simply using their own definition as a reason.

                    There were some negative passages in this thread - but I hope you'll agree that intolerance shouldn't be tolerated. Also that rumours should have some factual basis.


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                      most definitely agreed.

                      and i just realized something else - the definition of the word porn is starting to move beyond nudity and sexually explicit material.

                      ever heard of "food-porn"? not models pouring milk on themselves; the food is the model.


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                        I know of 6 solo videos she's in:

                        Gorgeous in Red
                        Filthy Runner
                        Look At My Eyes
                        Erotic Splash
                        Amour Angels - Dominika - Psychology
                        Met Art - Lily C - Oasie

                        And 5 with 'Madonna':

                        Summer Rain
                        Foam Party
                        Naked Hug
                        Girly Passion

                        Are there any I've missed off this list?

                        I hope she will film more for Diesel because their production values are high, the videos are well filmed and released as large files.

                        I need MOAR!!!!
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                          Also, is this her???

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	O2bEgZ5HnTs.jpg
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                          I found it posted here:


                          Is this her site?

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                            It probably is/was her account, but she hasn't posted on it since July 7th.

                            The picture isn't her, it was just a photo+link to another site Мужской журнал (Mens Journal) @

                            The text that came with it from the original site, that Raisa attached, was: -

                            "Bad girls fucked, good - loved and appreciated.
                            Girls understand this and make themselves bitches."

                            Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure she's being sarcastic and not agreeing with this comment.


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                              There's a new video out! Guerlain - A Perfect Beauty: