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just to finally change the last thread/post in "other" ...

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  • just to finally change the last thread/post in "other" ...

    this is my favorite nonhuman animal
    it's called a capybara
    capys are the largest of the 1722 existing species of rodent
    (this one is not an adult)
    they mostly live in south america
    they are very social
    apparently they make decent pets, if you live in a rural area
    they like to wallow in rivers or creeks when they arent grazing/foraging
    anacondas find them very tasty
    Click image for larger version

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      ultra-freaking cute, batmod

      this thing needs to be the queen of japan or something

      no offense to the many many japanese here, but you all do love cute, at least in women [/humor-irony-sarcasm]

      of course we dont know what gender this animal is (do you b?)

      its awesome whichever

      i can guesstimate the age at 2 weeks to 2 months, judging by the length of its legs from knee to foot versus the curve of the grass spears, and by the suspicion of how fast they grow, and the knowledge of how big they get, but not by any quantitative analysis i have read (because i have not read *any*) [facetiousness on "(wow, this is the longest coherent sentence i have ever written, by jehovah.)"].

      my post OF THE CAPYBARA would seem to be a teenager by comparison

      i had not really realized that