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What is the in my rear view mirror?

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  • What is the in my rear view mirror?

    Texas Trooper Finds Alligator Riding in Suspect's Car During Traffic Stop.

    A routine traffic stop was anything but ordinary for a Texas state trooper Sunday, when he discovered a wild passenger in the back of a suspectís car.

    Texas Highway Patrol officer Steven Stanfield stopped William Johnson, 30, along State Highway 35 after Johnson made a U-turn and almost hit another vehicle, MyFOXHouston reported. It was then that Stanfield noticed an alligator in the back seat of Johnsonís blue Buick, with no restraints on it.

    Johnson passed a sobriety test, although Stanfield said he smelled alcohol on his breath, and claimed he was lost. Stanfield called a Brazoria County sergeant and a Texas game warden to the scene, where they learned Johnson had followed the alligator into a ditch

    and wrestled it into the back of his car.

    Johnson also is accused of attempting to steal his bossí large-screen television on the same night. The plot allegedly was foiled when his accomplice saw the alligator in Johnsonís car and dropped the TV, damaging it, MyFOXHouston reported.

    Johnson is in the custody of Brazoria, Texas, police while the alligator is in the custody of the Texas game warden.
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    Only in Texas,
    and I'll bet he's from South Liberty, TX.
    (Liberty on the Trinity ) .........