New member has been around for a number of years under the name And it's an anal website alright. Because virtually all of their ladies get a good anal ride.

This is a paid website. But it has enough free content to make it worthwhile checking out even if you don't want to spend any money on porn. Every scene has a free preview that shows you some of the action in the scene. And every scene has over 200 free screenshots that show you exactly what the lady does in her scene with the guys. shows you exactly what every lady does in her scene with the guys, before you pay for it. Because the quality of their sex-action for the ladies is often very high. So, you still want to see the lady get nailed, even when you already know what she does with every guy.

This website can be described as a treasure trove for anal porn-fans. Because it has so many ladies, that it's not practical for anyone to check out every lady's bum. You can only look for the ladies you like and watch them take on some pretty hard dicks between their sexy ass-cheeks.

And it's not just the ladies from the past, whom you can watch take on the guys hard and fast. They keep adding new ladies all the time. It's still a very active website in terms of adding new ladies and having them nailed.

And of course, the fucking guys at this website also deserve some credit. These guys are often like anal sex-fiends between the cheeks of a lady. They try to go straight to the ass of every lass. There is no such thing as pussy first, then ass. They want ass right away. And the lady's pussy they might also take later on for the DP. But quite often these guys just want the lady's ass, and they crowd her cheeks with their big dicks for DAP (double anal penetration) or even TAP (triple anal penetration).

Not all of the content at this website has been made by the people running this website. They also feature some content from,, DDF network, and others. But this is a sideline for them. Their best content is made in-house. Because they make sure that every lady is really ready for the anal guys. And it helps for them to have European, uncircumcised guys, whose cocks are more sensitive and easier on the ladies' asses, than hardened circumcised cocks would be. That rolling, lose foreskin on the guy's cock often reduces friction for the lady. Because in short-strokes, the guy's cock often moves only within its skin, while his skin outside moves little or not at all on the girl. This mechanism doesn't eliminate friction for the lady completely. But it reduces friction enough to enable the lady and her guys perform some spectacular anal action.

Perhaps some scenes at this website are too extreme for some porn-fans. But this website has enough quantity and variety to please virtually every anal porn-fan with some of its content.

In my future posts for this discussion thread, I will talk about some of my favorite ladies at this website and why they and their scenes at this website might be of interest for other porn-fans.


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0752x1004_01.jpg sharon-lee-8.jpg

Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee was born in France. At least one of her parents is Vietnamese. She might have a mixed racial and ethnic heritage, with the other parent being French. But this is just my guess based on her looks and her apparent lack of sexual inhibition.

She is now retired. No new scenes this year so far. But in her time she did a lot of porn scenes, many of them anal. And in my opinion, her best anal scenes are at the website. Hot anal, hot DP. Some pretty good gaping too.

She has nice tits, nice ass, and she is a pretty good-looking girl overall. Which makes her someone to check out at and at other places.
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Taylor Dark

Taylor Dark arouses your cock and your curiosity right away. Not only does she have a really nice ass. But according to the website, she is only 18 years old. And she hasn't done any porn before.

I've tried to find her on Google, and nothing came up, except a couple of pictures from the website. At the time of this writing, she isn't yet at or at any other porn-star database.

Taylor's one and only porn-scene so far is at the website. And an anal scene it certainly is. The website wouldn't have it in any other way.

Taylor's anal scene is tame by standards. She takes on only one guy, rather than their usual two or three, or more. But her one guy is a real ass-master between the cheeks of a lady. And she is well-prepared for him too.

Taylor's scene starts with a solo tease. Beautiful lady. Hot ass. Then comes in her cocky guy. He must've been watching her tease. Because his big erection is pointing in her direction. He pulls down her blouse and reveals her nice tits. Then come down her shorts. She spreads her ass-cheeks at one point. And you can see that her asshole is already gaping a little. She must've prepared for her anal scene overnight. Because the video doesn't show how she prepared her nice ass so well for her plow.

A quick oral for the guy. And then he takes her nice ass in doggy. Hot ass, hot anal. He reaches with his hand between her legs and plays with her pussy too. Take her nice ass in doggy, he does pretty good. Then Taylor turns on her back with her legs pulled back. Hot ass display. Her ass-cheeks are something to see, with the guy balls-deep inside her nice ass. Taylor's sideways anal is also hot. Her nice ass looks good from any angle. And she needs to be checked out from this angle too.

The guy dismounts from the lady. And she sucks the cock of her anal baddie. Then Taylor mounts the guy with her ass for a cowgirl anal ride. Hot ass. Good anal. The guy from below makes sure he takes her nice ass truly and fully, even when she is on top of him. But he is not fully in control, until he turns over the girl and goes back inside her nice ass with her lying on her back, with her legs pulled all the way back. Hot ass. Taylor's cheeks are amazing to see, when she takes the guy in her ass this way.

Taylor's last anal ride is in reverse-cowgirl-anal. Wide open legs. Hot pussy. And the guy's cock is balls-deep inside her nice ass. Taylor's wide open pussy is like an invitation for double-penetration. Which is probably what she will do in her next scene at

Take full advantage of Taylor's nice ass, the guy certainly does. And she takes him pretty good too, not just for a lady doing her 1st anal scene, but by any standard.

Taylor's 1st scene at website is probably just the start. New ladies like her usually stay around and let all the anal guys pound. Her next scene will probably involve two guys or more. And chances are good that they will DP her. Which would be something to see for a hot-ass lady such as she.
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Eveline Dellai

Eveline Dellai is an interesting kind of lady at the AnalVids website. Except for her pretty face, she isn't outstanding in the way she looks. But she makes a good eye-contact with you. And she smiles at you like such a flirt, that you know you can approach her and not get hurt.

This lady has charisma alright. Because she makes you feel welcome to approach her and give her a good ride.

And give her a good ride the guys at AnalVids really do every time. An anal ride that is. I mean they do her pussy too in many of her scenes. But it's her ass they really want. And it's her ass they really get every time.

Eveline Dellai is a popular lady at the AnalVids website. She has 76 scenes at this website so far. And every one of her scenes is anal, really anal in a straight-to-anal, all-anal, or in a DP and a DAP kind of way.

This lady has a knack for making cocky guys feel comfortable and welcome with her. And it shows in how every guy plows her nice ass in her scenes.

She is definitely someone to check out for any serious anal porn-fan.