Better Reverse Search?


I'm sure someone here can help. What is a good reverse search engine for pix? Tineye is good for figuring out what model spammers who think I''m a piquant man use, but for many, it's not very helpful. Yandex gives Russian answers (and I don't read Cyrillic).

Suggestions are very welcome.


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The best one I've ever found is called "PimEyes". It's a paid service, but it's simply AMAZING. It identifies faces using some very sophisticated metrics, so there have been VERY few faces that I've fed into it that have not given me a hit. I've actually been able to ID many, many AMATEURS and "incidental girls" (like in club scenes such as "Dancing Bear", "Party Hardcore", etc.) - often yielding IRL photos and IDs! It DOES require a decent portion (like, two-thirds or three-quarters) of the face to be visible - though sometimes you can coax it by enlarging and/or editing a face in Photoshop - to yield matches.