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Most people come most of the time to indexxx to discover or track new sets of their favorite models. But a few come here only for one reason: to fight a model voting war with other users, with the hope to bring their favorite models to top100 or top3. They create multiple accounts (including new email accounts) to vote their favorite models up and to strongly down-vote all others (with 1 point).
But their actions/damage can be undone because all votes are recorded. When the fraudulent votes are undone, the votes are simply recalculated using only the votes of well respected members. A re-vote won't be possible after a recalculation (unless the fraudulent users create another account, but then they have to start all over again from the beginning).
These users who fraudulently create multiple accounts to make multiple votes, are called multivoters.

But the point that I'll try to explain is that a multivoter is causing the exact opposite result of what they are trying to achieve.

People (multivoters) who fraudulently upvote their favourite models using multiple accounts, might think that they help their models, making them more popular. But in the end, they do the opposite, they damage the models they like because of this: people in general give votes not only based on how much they value a model, but also on what they want/think a model should have. If a user sees a model that has 8 points and the user personally values that model at 6 points, the user has two options: 1) rate her with 6 points 2) rate her with a lower value than 6 to get her average value close to 6. Option 1 is the preferred behavior that we hope that people will do, but some people will also vote as option 2 or a combination of those. But the damage the fraudulent (multivoters) do is this: they bring the average score highly up, often to the TOP3 list, which brings the model in the spotlight (one of the goals of a multivoter). But models that are in the spotlight (or in TOP100) get more attention and thus more votes by other (normal) voters. But since a multivoter values a model a lot higher than the average user would, they will cause spotlight models to get low votes from normal voters that vote using behavior option 2. The opposite is true for fraudulent downvotes. For a multivotes, this is no problem because they create enough accounts to keep their favorites in the TOP100. But the problem for their models comes when scores are recalculated: mutlivoters scores will be ignored and normal votes from well respected members will pass. Some of those well respected members vote using behavior option 2, which will cause the rate of a favorite model of a multivoter to be lower then if the multivoter didn't vote at all.
So in the end, a multivoter is causing the exact opposite result of what they are trying to achieve. Furthermore, they are facing permanent bans from indexxx.
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Hi, I don't know if this problem could be rectified. Is that the reason all the votes have been reset recently, even though it must be dated at least last year.

What I find strange is that I can write down anyone directly. Personally I think that we should first say if we like it or not and if we like then that unlocks the fact of being able to note the girl.

Because currently I see the star system as not being able to say that we do not like and a star is that we love 20%.


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I don't think there is much you can do to rectify this. That said, I'm tired of seeing mostly the same top 100 models, day after day after day. I wish there were a today's top 100 models where only votes in the last 24 hours were counted.


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I don't know how this could be implemented, but I wish you could have a permanent "hall of fame" maybe even more than one, for different genres, for women no longer active, whatever.

The #1 girl I looked for when I found this indexxx site was
I realize she's not active and can fall out of the top 100, but few can argue that she is a superstar. If only she had done some videos. ❤️