Alternative model requests/submission paradigm?


New member
Is there another way to submit models to indexxx other than submission thread? If so, please let me know I'd really like to contribute with a lot of pro/am actresses.

If not, the forum seems like a really slow and inefficient submission paradigm, though I'm sure the maintainers have their reasons. Consider creating a requests/submission module for registered indexxx users.

Model Submission Request Module

Submission data

This submission module would have the same conditions for a model request as the forum including:
  • model name
  • model profile image(s)
  • per site aliases
  • references
Module Attributes
  • This module should probably have some kind of fuzzy duplication query for the module name when the end-user is in the process of making a submission.
  • Require only registered users the ability to make submissions
  • Add submissions to a section of the end-users profile so they can track the status of their submission: pending; accepted; rejected
  • If a submission is rejected, show a reason why so the user can resubmit if they feel they can meet the submission criteria
  • use a form of captcha to mitigate abuse etc