If all websites & performers can randomly demand to be delisted from indexxx...

...can't they basically end this site?

Today I just noticed all the gloryholeswallow / realsites network model listings on indexxx are gone. It seems the realsites network owner wants to trick potential customers into thinking that the chicks are first time amateurs or that their models haven't performed anywhere else. Mind you they're not the first smut peddlers to do so: it's probably that line of thinking that leads to websites advertising all sorts of different names for the same well known performer, trying to mislead the potential customer/keep him ignorant. And IMO the whole "tiered membership access" thing gloryholeswallow does is one of the scummiest ways to nickel & dime its customers.

But it's the first time I see relevant information (as opposed to say personal information/real names) pulled from indexxx for such a dubious reason.

Indexxx is the best porn listing website precisely because it allows us to easily ID website models. You see a chick that interests you on a pornsite and want to find more content with her then indexxx is the only place for that, it's far more functional and its information more complete than the competition. But if websitesowners and performers can force you to remove a catalog of public information - which would likely be considered fair use anywhere - you're acting as though they own that public information - and what's to prevent them all from having their listings removed on a whim and killing off the index?