Need to merge these two pages


thx deadip, her pages are now merged. (Merging is no problem, even when their photos are not visible yet in the alphabetic pages. I usually set a model to visible/listed when I expect them to appear or multiple sites and stay active in modeling.)

Btw, the database of modelindexxx is now running on a seperate server since about a week, and is better configured. The site is much faster now :) (Although the forum is still running on the same server.)


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Hey Admin,
The Model Brandy Smile being added to this week is the same Model as this one:

Need to delete or merge this Page

Some of these Nubiles Models being added soon or already been added the past few weeks have been on Other Sites for quite sometime already.
Examples are:
Future Nubiles Model Lesperansa on or about 02 Mar. 2010