Tiffany Thomas aka Candy from


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Does anyone have any info on where I might find the full scene from this now defunct website, She appeared as Candy on this site around the end of 2005 and the same video also appeared on a sister site called, as Tiffany. The model is Tiffany Thomas, aka Alissa Ashley.

Youngmodels was online close to 13 years, yet many of the vids seem lost forever. I've been searching for it for years, so any info or leads on the vid or even a full photoset would be super appreciated!!

Heres a link to the wayback machine archive -
On Youngmodels:
On Cutecouples: (scroll to the bottom)

A couple links to clips:

1 (2).jpg2 (3).jpg4 (3).jpg5 (3).jpg6 (3).jpg8 (3).jpg9 (3).jpg11 (3).jpgcandy_main.jpg